Senior Education

The subject and impact of senior topics change. 
In response, SAGA sponsors themed conferences, educational cafes, expos, and podcasts.  The free events feature expert speakers on issues important to seniors, caregivers, and families.  


SAGA hosts free conferences in Ahwatukee every 18 to 24 months.  SAGA partners with the Ahwatukee Recreation Center and the City of Phoenix Senior Center to produce the educational events. 

The target audience is seniors, caregivers, and families.  Expert speakers, discussion groups, feedback forums, and entertainment are centered around a general theme.

 Food, swag, resource take-home bags, and raffle prizes provide a social element to the events.

Archive - 2019 Senior & Family Conference

Educational Cafés

SAGA uses an educational café format where local experts hold informal round table presentations.  

They speak, take questions, and provide hand-outs. 

During this half day event participants select the table of their choice and then change when directed.

Archive - 2015 Educational Café

Keynote speakers: 

  • Geri Hall, PhD, ARNP, GCNS-BC, FAAN
    Banner Alzheimer’s Institute
    “I’m a caregiver – How did THAT happen?”
  • Jennifer W. Turk, MA
    Human Services Department Program Coordinator
    “My Caregiving Journey – Truth, Lies and Alibies!”  
2015 SAGA Conference Web Flyer

The free event offered an educational and social environment. 

Café topics: 

  • “Understanding Alzheimer’s”
  • “The ABC’s of Hiring a Caregiver”
  • “Solving the Legal Document Mystery”
  • “Lifelong Learning” “Medicare Changes for 2016”
  • “Medication Safety: For You and Your Family”
  • “Good Grief….What’s so Good about It?!”
  • “Getting Adequate Nourishment as We Age”
  • “Palliative Care and Hospice – What’s the difference?”
  • “Aging – It’s a Balancing Act”
  • “Care Transitions”


SAGA holds periodic, free expositions for Ahwatukee and surrounding communities.  

Guests receive individual attention from dozens of senior related businesses, health care agencies, and organizations.  

The exhibitors feature products and provide information on services important to seniors, caregivers, and families.  

SAGA collaborates with public or private community partners to host the event.

Archive - 2015 Senior Safety & Wellness Expo

Depending on the venue, anywhere from 24 to 65 exhibitors 
help improve the lives of seniors during a SAGA Expo. 

A safety panel discussed these topics:

  • “Avoiding Scams & Fraud”, Courtney Bennett 
    Office of Arizona Attorney General
  • “MedStats & Personal Safety”, Captain Derrick Johnson 
    Phoenix Fire Department
  • “Aging in Place”, Sharon Watkins, MS, EDAC, ASID 
    Design Works


A podcast is a digital audio file. It can be listened to on a computer or cell phone. It is a useful educational tool for lifelong learners seeking to find information about various subjects.

In the spirit of education and the popularity of the intentional listening platform of podcasts, SAGA has begun sharing resources and education relevant to seniors, their families, and community partners.