Tired of how the pandemic is affecting your life?  If so, you probably have pandemic fatigue.  Read about what to do.  Feel, connect, reframe, joke, take care of yourself and have gratitude.  If you are overwhelmed, admit it and seek help.  You are are not alone.  Need ideas to connnect with a friend?

  • Meet on the internet
  • Hold an online talent show
  • Do activities where you can safely distance
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Yell a greeting across a fence or hallway
  • Plan a get away for when the virus is controlled
  • Compete for the cleanest closet, most items to donate
  • Use a phone to share a joke
  • Watch a movie at home
  • Write your SAGA and share it 

Source:  Regen Olsson, Banner Health, September 13, 2020