Up Hill Battle to Serve Seniors -

SAGA is adjusting services in light of the pandemic .  It is developing new ways to deliver services by using the internet and our  neighborhoods. Expertise, volunteers, and funds are necessary to maintain SAGA’s mission to improve the lives of area Seniors.  However SAGA is unable to gather and fundraise.  

It is difficult to witness the greater demands for all of SAGA’s identified causes.  For instance, seniors are waiting to call paramedics for help, especially after falls.  Deferred treatment is common and usually more costly.  Some Seniors are too afraid and lack transportation to go out to the grocery store,  doctor’s office or to the area food bank at Generations Church Food Pantry.  Further fewer volunteers can help.  Sadly, SAGA sees Seniors who are lonely, depressed and in need of hope. 

Programs are in the planning stage to connect Seniors and neighborhoods.  Podcasts are in production.  SAGA’s web and social media presence is stronger.  However, Senior access to the internet for education and resources is another challenge SAGA faces. 

Seniors, caregivers and families rely on SAGA for education, MedStats I.C.E., hosted access to resources, and support for transportation.  SAGA will overcome today’s challenges.  In spite of the inability to gather,  the virtual challenge is being met.  SAGA is responding to the need to safely reach over 20,000 residents over 55 safely.  

Please help us meet the critical needs of an accomplished generation.  Let’s pay it forward.