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Safety. Hunger. Connection. Education. Transportation.

Founded in 2011, SAGA seeks to enhance the lives of area seniors and their families. In our Chair’s words, we promote senior well-being through advocacy, education, and collaboration with community partners to meet identified needs. Have a heart for seniors!

Aging is a

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SAGA focuses on five critical needs of seniors each year.

Causes align within SAGA’s mission to improve the lives of older adults by advocating for seniors, caregivers and families through community education, collaboration and identified causes. 

Causes are selected each year after input from surveys of area seniors, SAGA’s Board of
Directors and SAGA’s many community partners.

SAGA's Five Causes

1. Senior Safety

A tool available for every area senior to have important In Case of Emergency, I.C.E. documents easily accessible for first responders. 

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Hospital Red Emergency Sign

Seniors and caregivers learn tips and strategies to avoid slip, trip and fall injuries.

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2. Senior Hunger

Seniors are going hungry.  The reasons are complex.  They range from finances to physical limitations to transportation.  SAGA recognizes the need and works to coordinate food sources and delivery to meet the senior hunger epidemic.  There is a need to adapt the size of products for seniors.  SAGA is breaking down the barriers that prevent seniors from cooking and eating as they did in earlier years.

3. Senior Connections

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Connections are invaluable to seniors whether in-person, online or by phone

Raising awareness about the life threatening risks associated with social isolation is paramount.

Community leaders, faith based groups and organizations learn how to identify and implement programs to reduce the risks to isolated and home bound seniors.

4. Senior Education

Experts share their knowledge on hot topics relating to seniors and caregivers in a virtual or on-site conference.

Expos direct seniors and families to appropriate area resources necessary for healthy living. Seniors speak directly to vendors for advice.

Visit SAGA’s Gallery for photos of events. 

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SAGA is sharing resources and education relevant to seniors, their families, and community partners through podcasts.

5. Senior Transportation

Younger woman helps older woman into the car

Transportation is the biggest challenge area seniors face.  It is placed ahead of health and social isolation.  SAGA is actively collaborating with the community to address this critical need.

Seniors get free rides provided by the Outreach Program for Ahwatukee Seniors, Y OPAS, to a local business to buy groceries, pick up medicine and have coffee on senior discount day.

Reduced rate rides are offered by the Ahwatukee Recreation Center, ARC, to run errands and go to appointments within a specified mile radius. 

It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.

- Mother Theresa

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