Why should I have a MedStats Packet?

  • Uniform way for First Responders (Police & Fire) to
    obtain information about YOU
  • First responders see the sticker and know it means
    important information is on your refrigerator
  • Saves critical time in an emergency
  • Could save your life
  • Could save the life of someone you care for

How do I use it?


Hundreds of MedStats packets have been distributed that the Phoenix Fire & Police rely on. We have influenced other communities and emergency responders to establish their own MedStats like program

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SAGA: 480.270.8276


We would like to thank United Phoenix Firefighters Local 493, our consultant & print sponsor.


As some of you know, I spent eight days in Chandler Regional (Dignity Health) and when it was time to check out, a representative from MedStats came in and requested a few minutes of my time.  She explained the benefits of seniors having updated medical information in a common place where it could be available to emergency caregivers. A decal in the front window signals the caregiver.  Having used a similar program at our cabin in Whispering Pines, I completed the information and posted it.  On Saturday, having to make a quick run to Urgent Care, we simply yanked the MedStats packet and took it with us.  The benefits are unlimited, but keep it updated!! I hope Kiwanis of Ahwatukee can find a way to support it.  Hazel and Howard Conley

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